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Who we are

Charitable Objectives

York Georgian Society was founded in 1939 to promote the preservation and care, and to
foster the study and appreciation, of Georgian buildings in and around the City of York. It
is one of the oldest societies in the world devoted to the Georgian era, and the second oldest
such society in Great Britain outside London.

“The York Georgian Society aims to encourage the conservation, restoration
and maintenance of Georgian buildings and architecture; to prevent
disfigurement to settings and other features of Georgian character; to
promote interest and education in, and knowledge and learning of all
aspects of Georgian architecture, arts, culture and society, all with special
but not exclusive reference to the City of York and its neighbourhood.”

Transformation Project 2023

The York Georgian Society works to achieve the charitable objectives of ‘the preservation,
study and appreciation of York’s Georgian past’.
In late 2022, we published our three-year Strategic Plan with the objective of building resilience and increasing relevance by growing membership, strengthening partnerships and expanding our activities. In 2023, we appointed a Project Co-ordination officer to support the aims of the Strategic Plan including digitising our activities, expanding the types of events we offer, broadening our audiences to new demographics and strengthening our planning casework. 


Prof. Charles Martindale

Vice Presidents
Richard Green
Russell Jarvis

Helen Riggs

Laurence Cunnington

Lecture Secretary
Dr. Mary Brooks

Historic Buildings Representative
Rebecca Burrows

Website Manager 
Lucy Howson

Communications Manager
Allison Sharpe

Communications Assistant
Amelia Bircham


Iestyn Davies MBE


Charitable Trustees

Prof. Charles Martindale
Russell Jarvis
Sophie Pearson
Laurence Cunnington
Dr. Christopher Webster
Rebecca Burrows
Hannah Thomas
Dr. Adam Bowett
Vicky Harrington
Dr. Ralph Harrington
Dr. Mary Brooks
Helen Riggs
Moira Fulton
Peter Fisher




There are no current vacancies at York Georgian Society. 

Please check our website and social media channels for any future vacancies, or consider becoming a member to help us champion and preserve York's rich heritage. 

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